Updated October 2020

Brooklin's classes are "family oriented" meaning that parents and youth (10 years old+) can train together.
This should not discourage any Adults, Teens or Youth who would like to train on their own though from joining.
Regardless of age, all instruction is at a level that ensures all students are challenged.

Brooklin Wado-Kai Karate will also offer a class for Children ages 6 to 9 years old in the future.
Currently there are space restictions on the number of students allowed to train in the hall. If you
have a child who is interested in instruction, please contact Sensei Mark and have your child placed
on a waiting list.

Currently there are openings for the "Family Class". If the class becomes full, names can be placed onto
a waiting list with NO obligation to join when an opening becomes available. Simply click on the
"Contact Us" icon in the upper right corner of this page in order to be added to the list.

Location: Brooklin United Church, Brooklin

Also, please see our Frequently Asked Questions section for further "registration" information
specific to classes running at Brooklin United Church.