Clarington Wado-Kai Karate

The Way Of Peace & Harmony

Voted the #1 Martial Arts Club In Clarington
3 Years In A Row
For 2005, 2006, and 2007 !!!
(Clarington This Week Newspaper)

Chief Instructor

Robin Singh
3rd Degree Black Belt


Vanessa Connors
3rd Degree Black Belt
Weldon Zabizewski
3rd Degree Black Belt
Derek Barton
3rd Degree Black Belt

Ben Singh
3rd Degree Black Belt
Doug Backwell
2nd Degree Black Belt
Devon Singh
2nd Degree Black Belt

Black Belt Promotions - July 26, 2018

Hearty Congratulations to Doug, Robin, Devon, Ben, and David!
Keep Up the hard work.

L-R: Doug Backwell - Nidan, Robin Singh - Sandan, Devon Singh - Nidan,
Ben Singh - Sandan, David Hua - Shodan

Black Belt & Red Belt Promotions - May 2018

Samantha Rockbrune
1st Degree Black Belt
Devina Singh
Red Belt (Junior Shodan)

Black Belt Promotions - November 2016

Newest Black Belt - Sensei Leighton with Sensei Robin

Black Belt & Red Belt Promotions - August 2016

Blue Belt & Green Belt Promotions - December 2016